Marcus Oxidized Polyethylene Waxes

Product Data Sheet : Marcus  Oxidized Low Molecular
Weight Polyethylene Waxes

Typical Properties Marcus Oxidized Polyethylene waxes
CAS no. 68441-17-8

Marcus Oxidized Polyethylene waxes

Marcus 3300; 3400 and 3500 Oxidized Polyethylene waxes are manufactured using Marcus homopolymer feedstock. The oxidation process is conducted under special conditions to maintain good wax color and hardness. Marcus MC330 is higher in molecular weight than other  Marcus oxidized grades and utilizes a proprietary oxidation process.

Marcus Oxidized  Polyethylene waxes can be used for making high quality emulsions (see Marcus EML literature) or where a functional or polar wax is desirable. In general, an acid value >16 mgKOH/g is recommended for emulsion manufacture.

Packaging and Product Form
Standard packaging is in  55 lb (25kg) plastic lined kraft bags  with 40 bags to the pallet (2500 lbs).  Supersacks and Gaylord boxes are available upon request.

Marcus 3300; 3400 and 3500 Oxidized Polyethylene waxes are available as white pastilles (approx. 3-6 mm dia),  liquid and ground. Flake and special grinds are available upon request. Marcus MC330 is supplied as in a fine granular form.

Micronized Marcus homopolymer waxes are also available (see Marcus Micronized Wax brochure (PRD-MIC).

Marcus Polyethylene homopolymers are regarded as non-hazardous when exposure is controlled using accepted industrial hygiene practices. Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for specific information on the safe handling of Marcus  Polyethylene waxes.

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