The Marcus Oil Haldia Polyethylene Wax plant is a state of the art polyethylene wax plant designed from the ground up to produce the highest quality refined polyethylene wax in the world.

Multiple feedstock sources for the Haldia operations are secured with long term supply agreements to assures reliability of supply.

Polyethylene wax is produced under strict quality control in a process developed by Marcus Oil specifically for refining polyethylene wax. As a result, Marcus Oil polyethylene wax products are produced with unique properties and consistent quality.

Marcus Oil Haldia plant is ISO 9001  and ISO 14001  certified.

The Marcus Oil Haldia Plant is located near major rail, road and sea transportation hubs that facilitates both regional and global shipment of polyethylene wax produced.

Regd.Office & SITE: Village: Kasberia, H.P.L. Link Road, Haldia–721602, East Midnapore,W.B., India
Phone : 091 3224 276541/276542/276698
Fax : 091 3224 276696

Ample processing, storage and finishing capacity is available to assure a reliable supply of polyethylene wax to our customers.

The Haldia plant produces both homopolymer and oxidized homopolymer polyethylene wax that is shipped to customers throughout the world and used in a wide range of industries and applications.

March 2010 visit to Marcus Haldia operations by Dr. MARILYN J. TAYLOR, U.S. Principal Commercial Officer

Polyethylene Wax Refining Plant

Polyethylene Wax Oxidation Unit