Marcus Oil & Chemical has recently introduced a series of waxes derived from vegetable oils. Vegetable oil waxes are rapidly finding utility as substitutes for petroleum based waxes due to their versatility, renew ability and competitive price.

To find out more about specific applications for Marcus NAT waxes please see the table below:

Listing of Published Marcus Oil Patents and Patent Applications

Repulpable Vegetable oil wax coatings US 6,811,824
Wax for hot melt adhesive applications US 6,890,982
Wax emulsion coating applications US 7267743
Wax to render Gypsum board moisture resistant WO2004033388
Mar / Abrasion and anti slip agent for printing ink and overcoat Brochure US 8138250
Novel wax emulsion coating applications. US 7776928
Catalytic hydrogenation process for the production of low trans fat-containing triglycerides. US 7910758

Product Information


Micronized Marcus Nat Wax MARCUS NAT 5010 WAX

MSDS NAT 5010 and NAT 5005 (NAT 155 Micronized)

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