There are several treatments for board. One is impregnation which is an internal saturation processs. For this, the wax melt has to be very low in viscosity and the temperature of application is normally 80 – 90ยบ C.

Another application is coating which provides improved surface properties, including abrasion resistance. These coatings are based on paraffins, which have small amounts (10%) of an EVA, added to provide toughness and flexibility. A small amount (about 10% of Marcus 200) of higher melting and harder wax is also incorporated to provide better abrasion resistance.

The only emulsion type of value would be anionic, as the coating would deposit only water insoluble material and the amine would volatilize. A nonionic would not be of use as the nonionic surfactant, which is waster soluble/sensitive, would stay in the film. It would also tend to destroy the strength of the board.