These compounds are blends of a thermoplastic resin together with a plasticizer, extender, aggregate, glass beads and pigment plus other additives to enhance performance.

The Marcus polyethylene homopolymers possess a unique combination of high melting point, hardness, and extremely low melt viscosity. Consequently, they rank as perfect high performance additives for attaining a dramatically improved quality in a HMRM compound. The benefits to be secured come from an addition level in the range of 3-5% (on total formulation). The prinicipal features improved are:

    • Lower viscosity and application temperature.
    • Increased softening point.
    • Superior abrasion resistance.
    • Improved wetting characteristics.
    • Facilitates sprayability.
    • Attainment of thinner, sharper markings.
    • Good black marking resistance.
    • Better adhesion.