The Marcus homopolymers with their hardness and high melting point, together with the gel forming power in solvents, are of major significance in the formulation of paste polishes for floors, cars and furniture.

A paste would typically have a wax content level of 20-25% and of this 2-4% (depending upon formulation type) would be a homopolymer polyethylene. The main functions are to bind the solvent and impart a smooth gel structure which maintains the same consistency over a wide temperature range. This aspect is one for which the MARCUS products are suited in hot climate regions since they provide excellent heat stability. Also, possessing high melting points, the pouring temperature of the paste is elevated again, thus leading to ease of production in high ambient temperatures.

The same principal is applicable to solvent liquids in which the level of homopolymer wax required is in the range 0.5-1.0%. It adds heat stability to the fluid dispersion eliminating phase separation where high temperatures persist.