The MARCUS range of low molecular weight polyethylenes are all derived from high density polyethylene(HDPE) under specific and stringently controlled conditions. This enables a series of very linear and therefore very crystalline polymers to be tailored. Because the products are very crystalline, they are hard and also have high melting points ranging from 90°C (194°F) to 116°C(241°F).
A unique feature of the range is that for polyethylenes with molecular weights (Mn) of the order of 1000 to 1200, they possess extremely low melt viscosities which range from < 10 < 60 mPas at 149°C.

A further general and key characteristic is that they have very narrow molecular weight distributions which fall between values of 1.2 to 1.5 , this being of significance in dictating the excellent compatibility nature which is essential in some applications.

During production residual polymerization catalyst is removed and there are no additives used for processing. This helps preserve the pure white color of the products as well a rendering them free of discoloration in subsequent end application heating procedures. Marcus low molecular weight polyethylenes are chemically inert resulting in excellent heat stability at elevated temperatures.

While the MARCUS range has all the features of low molecular weight polyethylenes, it is also very close in characteristics to a Fischer-Tropsch wax, which can be seen in the accompanying chart. Which highlights the overall nature of the Marcus Wax product range.