The MARCUS oxidized polyethylenes 3400 & 3500, when deposited on a substrate from emulsion, have inherent and highly efficient lubricating and release properties. These are harnessed as high performance components of processing aids in a number of applications.

As release aids they are very effective in the die casting of Al, Zn and Mg alloys due to their high melting points and burning off features. They are also used in the mold release of polyurethanes and in the forming of concrete.

In the glass industry their lubricant function plays an important role as a component of a treatment for the reduction of breakage when newly formed thin walled and highly fragile bottles come off the production line, there being a slippage action rather than an impacting one when the bottles contact each other. The same lubricating efficiency also applies in the treatment of glass fiber as it is produced. The application of the polyethylene emulsion in this instance allows the fiber to be immediately wound up without breaking.