The Marcus homopolymer polyethylenes have a unique and tailored combination of physical and chemical characteristics, which coupled with their excellent compatibility features and chemical inertness, makes them outstanding high performance additives for the processing of natural and synthetic elastomers.

Their nature provides an extremely effective lubricant function with minimal detrimental influence upon curing rates and mechanical properties. Consequently, when incorporated at levels between 2 – 10 % (depending upon the the extent of filler loading), they are highly efficient in action no matter what the processing method, whether it be milling, calendering or an internal mixing operation. Equally, there are benefits to be secured in subsequent extrusion and molding procedures. For convenience of use the polyethylenes are available in pastille and powder form, the latter providing ease of dispersion.

A summary of the prime advantages of these polyethylenes in compounding with natural and synthetic elastomers are:

  • Compatibility with elastomers.
  • Good lubricant / release action from equipment.
  • Excellent flow properties (lower Mooney viscosity).
  • Easily dispersible.
  • Chemically inert with good electrical properties.
  • No detrimental influence upon curing rate.
  • Minimal effect upon mechanical properties.
  • Improved filler dispersion.