Oxidized polyethylenes, MARCUS 3400 and 3500 are widely utilized as components of finishes for textiles, primarily in cotton and cotton – synthetics treatments.

These grades in emulsion form and when suitably formulated as non-ionics and cationics have good compatibility with the other ingredients, and also possess excellent stability in the presence of electrolytes and under a wide variety of differing pH conditions.

Typically, a non-ionic or cationic emulsion is blended with a finishing resin and metallic salt catalyst. The application to the fabric is through addition to a padding bath to achieve a wet pick up of 50%. The fabric is subsequently dried and subjected to a curing step. The amount of polyethylene added to secure the optimum benefit is in the range 0.2 – 0.5%.

The advantages attained, mainly as a result of the high performance lubricant characteristics of these grades are:

  • Improved tear strength.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Effective softening action.
  • Reduced needle wear and cutting.
  • Permanence to washing.